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 Ability System

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PostSubject: Ability System   Thu Jan 07, 2016 8:44 am

Padilla Legend’s Ability System

What is an Ability?

There exists in the world a number of skills which exceed the normal abilities of your average individual. These abilities may in some cases simply be a mastery of a talent or skill most people don’t possess. In other cases, the ability can err far more on the side of the supernatural, defying conventional physics and revealing great powers. Hence, without further ado, we begin our explanation of Padilla’s ability system with the presentation of the ability template.

Ability Template:

Ability Name:(What is the ability called)
Race:(What race is this ability: Corleik, Altamone, etc., n/a)
Tier:(The ability’s tier, 1-5 with 5 being the highest)
Type: (Category of the ability: supportive, offensive, defensive)

Description: (What does this ability do? Make sure to include all details not covered by other areas, being as specific as possible)
Requirements: (What requirements are needed for this ability to be used?)

Range:(How far can your ability reach (metric please))
Duration:(How long your ability lasts in posts, “instant” for if it just happens all at once and “passive” for if it is perpetual)
Cooldown:(Upon using this, how many posts must you wait before using it again)

A Cheaty Breakdown of the Ability Template:

Ability Name
Fairly self explanatory, this can be pretty much anything, and is simply what the ability called. While not mandatory, you may want to give the ability a name which pertains to what the ability does.

Here, you identify which race your ability is associated with, which will pretty much always be your own race. The alternative option here is “n/a” which implies an ability that is not an integral part of any particular race. Examples and explanations of all race abilities are included further down in this page.

As with the above, more specific examples are to follow, but the short explanation is that tiers range from tier 1 to tier 5, with 1 being the lowest. Generally, Tier 1 corresponds with lower base power and simplicity, while Tier 5 abilities are the highest base power and/or complexity.

Fairly simple, the three options are offensive, defensive, and supportive. This section answers the question of what the purpose of the ability is at a fundamental level. If you aim to defend yourself, then defensive it is. Likewise offensive is associated with attacks while supportive is associated with both non combat abilities and things like healing and buffing.

This is the most important aspect of the ability, and the one which one must put in the most work to complete. This should thoroughly cover all details of the ability not covered by other areas of the template. The description should include all information required to know what an ability does: how much force/ power does the ability have, how does the ability function, what speed do aspects of the ability occur, limitations, negative impacts on the user (when applicable), etc. Chances are, if relevant details are missing, the ability won’t be approved until they’re added, so be as thorough as possible.

This area covers what conditions need to be met for the usage of an ability and can be anything from simply being a race, an item needed, specific conditions, or being in a form. Most race abilities should have at least one of these, though abilities with no racial affiliation may not have this.

How far can this ability reach? This value can be in the form of a conventional distance in meters, a radius for area of effect, or in some cases the length of a body part, such as with martial arts.

How long does this ability last? Generally, this time will be in post counts, such as 1 post, 2 posts, etc. The notable exception is abilities with an “instant” duration and “passive” abilities. “Instant” abilities are distinguished from 1 post duration abilities in that the former is a single action, while the latter includes the entirety of the post. “Passive” abilities are perpetually ongoing, and as such are not activated.

How many posts before an ability can be used again? To ensure clarity, this number is the number of posts for which the ability cannot be used. For example, an ability with a 2 post cooldown is used. On their next two posts, the user cannot use the ability. On the third post since they used the ability, the ability can be used again. Cooldown should generally increase with the ability’s complexity and strength, in accordance with the physical and/or mental strain placed on the user. As a result, higher tier abilities generally correspond to higher cooldowns. The only abilities without cooldowns would be those which are passive.

Scalings; Your Abilities, Your Body, and You:

A final fundamental feature of the construction of abilities is the concept of “scalings”. Scalings are not designated to any particular area of the template, but you abilities should generally include some. Simply put, a scaling is something which allows an ability to grow in strength as your character does. Generally, abilities will scale off of either stats or levels. For your ease of understanding, refer to the example ability below.

Ability Name:Johnny Appleseed
Type: Supportive

Description: The Vanutei user places both hands to the ground, stimulating the earth with their energy to cause an apple tree to sprout from the ground a short distance from them over the course of a few seconds. The tree will reach a height of 7 meters, and possesses the standard strength of a healthy apple tree in regards to wood strength. The apple tree created is permanent. The tree will bear a number of apples equal to one fifth of the user’s level plus 5. Eating an apple will replenish the eater’s stamina equal to the ability user’s perception stat as a percent(for example, with perception of 25, the apple would restore 25% of the eater’s stamina). Notably, an apple must be eaten in the same post that it is removed from the tree, otherwise it will revert to being a normal apple. In addition to the restorative properties of the apples themselves, the spontaneous nature of the tree’s growth can be used to lift/hold up objects.
Requirements: The user must be Vanutei, either form. Additionally, the user must have access to relatively fertile soil which extends at least three meters deep.

Range:1 Meter
Cooldown:20 Posts

The above ability has many nuances, but what’s important to one viewing the ability that in blue and green, which illustrates a scaling with level and a scaling with a stat respectively.

First, let’s look at the scaling with level:
The tree will bear a number of apples equal to one fifth of the user’s level plus 5.
This scaling uses the level to determine a number of something which occurs abilities, and has the additional details of a base number and using a fraction of the total level.

The other scaling serves an altogether different function:
Eating an apple will replenish the eater’s stamina equal to the ability user’s perception stat as a percent(for example, with perception of 25, the apple would restore 25% of the eater’s stamina).
Unlike the other scaling, this one illustrates a correlation between the stat quantity and the amount of restoration offered, and converts the stat directly into a percentage.

As illustrated above, scalings can be a variety of different things with varying degrees of complexity. In fact, a scaling can really be attached to anything with a number value, be it size, quantity, temperature, range, or even cooldown. However, generally, more advanced scalings, and scalings of greater values will correspond to higher tier abilities. Additionally, the quantity of scalings should usually not exceeding two, or maybe three with a high tier ability. As a final note, scalings will always round to the nearest whole number when dealing with values such as quantity and post number.

Ability Tiers

Each ability tier corresponds to certain standards for abilities, important details for the development of abilities. Hence, without further ado, the tier explanation shall commence.

Tier 1: The lowest tier of abilities, this level encompasses the most simple of skills. Abilities at this level likely only serve a single purpose without any complex functions. Base damage or defensive ability is probably lower, and there is unlikely to be more than one scaling. Skills at this level probably have shorter durations and cooldowns, though other factors may vary. They should not be something at a level don’t stretch the imagination, generally being achievable by non supernatural means as well. Requirements to use these skills are likely simple.

Tier 2: At this tier, race abilities begin to stretch the limits the limits slightly more. They may be slightly more complex or powerful, with the possibility for around two scalings. Requirements may also increase as well compared to tier 1. However, these skills remain achievable by conventional means, albeit with some measure of difficulty.

Tier 3: This is the last tier of abilities which one might be able to replicate without the usage of abilities, though doing so is incredibly difficult. The average ability strength in power and complexity, these abilities are nonetheless considered quite potent. Most abilities will be only two scalings at this degree. Notably, mastery of skills and martial arts in the “n/a” category fall into this tier. Requirements for tier 3 skills are likely higher.

Tier 4: At this point, abilities can no longer be equalled by any normal means. Possessing a high level of complexity and/or power, these skills are not to be underestimated. With two and sometimes even three scalings per ability, these skills remain potent even at their most basic level, and become terrifying at maximum character level. Skills of this calibre are likely able to singlehandedly turn the tide in combat. Typical longer cooldowns may lend to these skills being used carefully. Multiple requirements or specific requirements can be expected. Additionally, in some cases using an ability of this level may even physically tax the user.

Tier 5: This designation is only given to abilities of the highest complexity and/or power. Even used by a level one user, these abilities are crazy strong, generally being incredibly difficult to counter. Three scalings or very high scalings are standard fare for these abilities. Using one of these abilities may not guarantee victory, but it will certainly tip the odds in the favor of the user. Cooldowns for these abilities should be quite high, to the point where in most normal length fights, the ability will only be used once. Requirements may often possess complexity beyond the norm, and using one of these abilities can be expect to place some strain on the user.

Certain aspects of the above tiers may strike one as vague at first, but further clarification will be made as we proceed into the explanation of the different racial abilities, along with examples at each tier.
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PostSubject: Re: Ability System   Wed Mar 02, 2016 12:16 pm

Ability Template Code:

[b]Ability Name:[/b](What is the ability called)
[b]Race:[/b](What race is this ability: Corleik, Altamone, etc., n/a)
[b]Tier:[/b](The ability’s tier, 1-5 with 5 being the highest)
[b]Type:[/b] (Category of the ability: supportive, offensive, defensive)

[b]Description:[/b] (What does this ability do? Make sure to include all details not covered by other areas, being as specific as possible)
[b]Requirements:[/b] (What requirements are needed for this ability to be used?)

[b]Range:[/b](How far can your ability reach (metric please))
[b]Duration:[/b](How long your ability lasts in posts, “instant” for if it just happens all at once and “passive” for if it is perpetual)
[b]Cooldown:[/b](Upon using this, how many posts must you wait before using it again)
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Ability System
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