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 Catharsis Drafenguard

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PostSubject: Catharsis Drafenguard   Tue Nov 07, 2017 2:02 pm

Catharsis Drafenguard

General Information
Alias/Nickname: I often go by Cath
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Sexuality: The pursuit of intimacy is one I hold little curiosity for. "Asexual," I believe one might
Race: Altamone

Descriptive Information
Eye Color: Pallid white.
Hair Color: As blanch as my eyes. (White)
Skin Color: My skin has faded a bit from its misty tone, it's more akin to gray with subtle blue tinges.
Height: 5'9" last I checked.
Weight: One-hundred and twenty-eight pounds.

Overall Physical Description: I try not to stand out. Dark clothes, black cloak or robes-- the typical attire when I'm out and about. In a city, though, it pays off not to wear dark clothes, lest you draw more attention to yourself. In such urban circumstances, I wear contrasts of white over black underclothes, but I suppose you might want more on my physical appearance as a person.

Most consider me pale for my race, as I've preferred darkness and this has blanched some of the more blue pigments in my skin to a near gray. I'm of average height, and not the strongest build-- in fact I consider myself fairly scrawny in comparrison to many. I've a sharp jawline and am told my eyes are dull, as if always bored in contrast to my analytical expression.

Attractive? No, I wouldn't consider myself so. Some might, but I would like to believe my appearance to be plain; it's better that way. Asides, people likely think me odd what with all the belts, pouches and books I carry on my person.

I'm smart, a quick thinker and quite manipulative if I do say so myself... But I suppose you mean in a fight? Err... I'm smart, a quick thinker and manipulative? Pardon the redundancy; I'm not much of a fighter, really, but I am swift on my feet and quite acute in my ability to observe or predict a person.

Fear? I don't fear much, really. Not a bravery thing, so much as I just don't see much reason to be afraid. I may die, or I may live. As far as weaknesses go, I'm not the strongest, hardiest, or otherwise. I prefer to avoid fights, but if I have to fight I'll never overpower my opponents; that's what wit is for.

Overall Mental/Emotional Description:
I'd say I'm a very analytical, intelligent and cautious individual, but I guess it goes deeper than that. I've always held a calm demeanor, mostly out of a lack of interest than ought else; it's difficult to entertain myself without some long term goal to work towards, or people to trick and toy with. Otherwise, I consider myself fairly neutral towards the going ons of the world --unless an opportunity arrives that I can take advantage of. In that regard, I suppose you could call me selfish, but I'd rather say I'm merely always looking out for my own goals. Is that really so bad?.. Well... Probably.

Additional Race Details:

Primary Element: First, I learned the ways of Darkness.
Secondary Element: Once one is familiar with the dark, they must know its polar foe, Light.
What Books Are You Still Studying From: One should always study and restudy their books, but as far as manipulating these elements go, yes I still require the books for many of my abilities.

Racial Traits:

Back Story Overview

Home City: Not a city, really... I was born in the Badlands... I'll explain shortly.
Current Residence: I often reside in Galvin City; it's much more interesting here than the badlands.

Backstory and History:


Gyun: 88g

Altamone Tomes:




Level: 7
Experience: 9/20
PR:128(100 + 4 times Level)

Might: 11%
Resistance: 16%
Stamina: 24%
Agility: 43%
Perception: 34%+7%


Ability Points Used: 9?
Total Ability Points: 18?


Name: Sivaas
Gender: Male
Species: Lolini

Note: I think that covers anything. This new system is a bit of a doozy.

To be familiar with the dark, one must first know the inner workings of light.
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PostSubject: Re: Catharsis Drafenguard   Wed Nov 08, 2017 9:07 pm

I believe everything is in shape..I wish indigo were here to help further explain the system but he has vanished on me. I approve this unless something else happens. Welcome back (:

Vernos Mallardi
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Catharsis Drafenguard
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