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 Wermu Moveset/Stats

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PostSubject: Wermu Moveset/Stats   Wed Sep 30, 2015 2:20 pm


"May the blessings of Kilal protect you in this battle"


Titans Roar
The Wermu jets out a large ear cringing noise that staggers all surrounding things movement speed decreasing their agility by 20% for 3 posts.
3 post debuff
-20% agility
3 post cool down

The Wermu launches rock solid spikes off of its back in a raining frenzy. Stamina decreases by 15% for 5 posts.
5 post duration
4 post cool down

Almighty Head Smash
The Wermu performs a large power packed headbutt that cuts all stats in half if successful.
1 post duration
4 post cool down

The wermu creates a water bubbles that it launches from its mouth and if touched by the bubbles of the the wermu you are trapped  for 2 posts. The move has a 30% chance of trapping you.
2 post duration
3 post cooldown

Conjuring a massive amount of water and energy together in its stomach the wermu launches a large earth shattering water current from its mouth.
1 post duration
2 post cool down



The stat that this beasts might is in is a separate level too powerful to be categorized. Trench making, mountain shattering strength is what this beast possesses.

On land this beast possess very minimal movement that doesn't consist of its tail and and head. When in water the beast can swim at speeds high enough to shell shock someone.

With stone tough skin and a diamond tough shell many would think this beast to have an impenetrable defense, however striking the beast on its belly lowers the surrounding resistance it may have making your moves more effective.

Can keep a battle going for weeks if the opponent isn't strong enough to weaken its defenses.

Since it is a large beast it makes it easier to hit as a target. Its perception is extremely low and only increases when in water. Just barely however.

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Wermu Moveset/Stats
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