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 Training Rules

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PostSubject: Training Rules   Thu Oct 01, 2015 10:23 am

Training Rules

1. Post Requirement
When training, every 300 words YOU make in the training topic counts as 10XP. You're training posts can be as long as you want them to be but just know that it at least has to be 300 words long as a bare minimum. 

2. Battling
In training topics if it is going to be a solo training thread where you are just training yourself with no one or no 'thing' please put [Solo] if it is going to include two or more people please put [Multi] if you want it to include a creature then please implement whether it is going to be yourself and a creature [Solo-Creature] or a group and a creature [Multi-Creature]. in order to find out what creature you will be facing a Mod will choose for you according to your stats and level.

3. Auto-hits
Auto hits are only acceptable in the event that your character has been stunned or petrified by an enemies attack, even if you are stunned an enemy requests an auto hit it would have to be looked over by a moderator, but generally speaking if you are unable to move, it is fair game.

4. What To Include
Always be sure to make a training thread and treat it as any other role play topic you have done. Include the purpose of your training, also include the location in where you training is to take place. The rules of normal role play still apply to training with the slight exception to auto-hits if you are in a Solo training thread. Also remember TRAINING MUST BE DONE IN THE TRAINING CENTER FORUM.

5. Maximum Exp
Since training threads can be done fairly easily and while other threads are occurring, to prevent abuse, a cap for exp which can be earned from training has been applied. The most exp one can earn from a training thread is 200 exp total per month. Additionally, while double exp coupons can be used for training threads, but cannot cause the total exp for that month to exceed 200.

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Training Rules
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