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 Lakli Vivre's Abilities

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PostSubject: Lakli Vivre's Abilities   Fri Oct 02, 2015 7:02 am

Custom Abilities

Name of Ability:Aspect of Slime
Body Part Being Used: Entire Body
Regeneration speed?: Variable

Ability type: Supportive/Defensive
Ability Description:Lakli’s entire body internally and externally has been converted into an indigo semi-fluid state. Collectively, this hive of cells are able to perform all normal functions of a human body (both sustaining itself wise, as well as in regards to sensory matters such as sight and sound), rather than through individual organs working together. This provides a certain trade off, as on one hand, their are not individual organs which can be damaged (such as lungs, the heart, etc.), but at the cost of the fact that damage such as losing an arm will affect respiratory, circulatory, and cognitive functions as though the corresponding organs had sustained partial damage. Furthermore, this ability causes the natural state of Lakli to become unstable. Maintaining a humanoid form takes a great deal of focus, and as a result, even his natural human form lacks distinct features (including hair and eyes), being clearly composed of slime as a result, and a loss of focus may even cause the body to collapse into a puddle with no mobility, including when Lakli falls asleep. When a humanoid state is maintained a semi permeable membrane is formed on the exterior, which holds the majority of the slime within the body, though some seeps out through pores, and allows for greater flexibility than in a normal individual. This membrane acts like skin when faced with attacks, notable because the slime within is much more easily displaced by forces. The collective nature of the slime grants rapid regeneration against light blades and small munitions, normal regeneration against heavy munitions and blades, and slow regeneration against strong kinetic damage and explosive damage. However, this comes at the cost of fire, electric, ice, energy, and aura attacks doing four times as much damage. The metabolic processes of the cells reduces the duration of poisons by half, but doubles the potency of poisons. Lastly, due to the semi porous nature of the membrane, airborne and liquid poisons may enter through the skin, and Lakli will absorb water, causing him to become bloated and gain a 50% movement speed debuff upon getting soaked.
Duration: n/a
Cool Down: 3 posts to regain a humanoid form if concentration is lost or body is scattered, excluding from sleep. Otherwise is a passive ability.

Name of Ability:Aspect of Transference
Body Part Being Used: Entire Body
Regeneration speed?: n/a

Ability type: Supportive
Ability Description: By dissolving his body and moving the cells before reforming his body, Lakli can travel through cracks or around obstacles. The smallest space through which he can travel with this technique is a 1 centimeter gap, with a maximum range of 1 meter.
Duration: 1 Post
Cool Down: 5 Posts

Name of Ability:Aspect of Doppelganger
Body Part Being Used: Entire Body
Regeneration speed?: n/a

Ability type: Supportive
Ability Description: By altering his exterior appearance (height, build, skin color, etc.) as well as voice, Lakli is able to disguise himself as others. In order to describe himself as someone, he must have heard them speak and seen them in person, though if only one is true a partial mimicry can occur. While using this ability, Lakli cannot use any other active abilities. This ability also requires extreme concentration, so it is broken by taking damage or by cognitive dissonance. When using this ability, Lakli’s mass can increase or decrease up to 50% of his base mass, with the same being applicable to his height. Notably, Lakli is able to have a default disguise form, which he can transform into, in addition to mimicking others’ forms.
Duration: Until concentration is broken or until damage is taken.
Cool Down: 7 Posts (However, Lakli may begin a thread in a “default” guise, without affecting the cooldown)

Name of Ability: Aspect of Chameleon
Body Part Being Used: Skin
Regeneration speed?: n/a

Ability type: Supportive
Ability Description: By changing the coloration of his membrane , Lakli is capable of blend in with various environments. This technique provides an impeccable visual camouflage, and can also provide slight cloaking from thermal detection. This skill requires concentration to maintain, and loses effectiveness if Lakli attempts rapid movement whilst using it. Passively, this causes his color to slightly change, going from indigo to pink rather than blushing, but otherwise has no effects.
Duration: 1-3 Posts
Cool Down: Duration x 2 + 1 Posts

Name of Ability: Aspect of Corrosion
Body Part Being Used: Bodily Fluids
Regeneration speed?: n/a

Ability type: Offensive
Ability Description: Lakli is able to render the slime which composes his body (inside the membrane) acidic, possessing a corrosive strength equal to that of sulfuric acid. This acid acts to digest that which enters Lakli’s body through passing through his membrane, and the acidic properties are retained in slime that is separated from his body, such as in the case of severed limbs, or what would normally considered to be blood spray as a result of cuts. This ability may also be used while Lakli’s body is in a puddle state.
Duration: 1-3 Posts
Cool Down: Duration x 2 + 2 Posts

Default Abilities

Name of Ability: Skin Guard
Body Part Being Used: Skin
Regeneration speed?: Speedy

Ability type: Defensive
Ability Description: By strengthening their skin, an Exatiaz is able to increase their resistance by 25%
Duration: 3 Posts
Cool Down: 4 Posts

Name of Ability: Extra Limb
Body Part Being Used: Leg, arm, or head
Regeneration speed?: Slow

Ability type: Supportive/Offensive
Ability Description: The Exatiez is able to grow an extra head, arm, or leg, which grants them increased stamina for the duration.
Duration: 3 Posts
Cool Down: 5 Posts

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PostSubject: Re: Lakli Vivre's Abilities   Fri Oct 02, 2015 8:24 am

Abilities Approved

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Lakli Vivre's Abilities
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