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 Aranis Kōjin

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PostSubject: Aranis Kōjin   Wed Dec 16, 2015 10:16 am

Aranis Kōjin
”What a lovely day to take a nap. Or fight. Either way I’m fine, as long as there’s no labor.”

General Information
Alias/Nickname: Aran, The Smoky Reaper, The Arsonist, Prairie
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Undecided
Race: Corleik

Descriptive Information
Eye Color: Deep Purple
Hair Color: Red Hair, with a White strand
Skin Color: White (Light Tan)
Height: 5 ft. 9
Weight: 137 Lbs

Overall Physical Description: Aranis’ appearance is deceptively young, denying his true age. Try as he might, no stubble will grow upon his face, leaving him trapped with the outwards image of an adolescent of roughly eighteen years. His facial features are soft, with his deep purple eyes staring out intensely. The right eye of Aranis is always closed, though whether by choice or not is indeterminable. Aranis’ brilliant red hair is tidily maintained, resting relatively flat upon his head, with bangs reaching his eye level. At the top of his neck, his hair is put into a slender ponytail which extends to the base of his waist, tied with a purple cloth. One of Aranis’ bangs in the center of his forehead is a brilliantly bright white. His skin is entirely unblemished and scarless, kept clean as well. Around his neck, Aranis wears a steel chain with military dog tags on them. On his torso, he wears a simple white t-shirt, with a gray military dress uniform jacket draped loosely over his shoulders, such that both shoulders are covered, though his arms are not within in the sleeves. His t-shirt is tucked into similar gray uniform pants, which are in turn tucked into black combat boots. Alternatively, on formal events he wears a white military dress uniform in proper form. When in enemy territory for non military reasons, he instead wears an oversized tattered brown trench coat with torn gray pants and worn brown boots, as well as a beige newsboy cap upon his head, allowing his skin and hair to become dirty and grimy in appearance. Aranis has a slight build, being of a slender frame, though his muscles are clearly defined. He walks and stands in an aloof manner, and is not likely to leave much of an impression in people’s minds. Oftentimes, he may be seen smoking a cigarette, though seldom in circumstances where it would reflect poorly upon him, such as formal events. Additionally, he usually wears blue contacts in order to better blend in with Reggs, as well as a fingerless black glove on his right hand for the same purpose.

Strengths: Aranis can generally maintain a level headed disposition regardless of events which occur, and pays a high level of attention to his surroundings. When needed, he can work well with others, and analyze situations well. He is also an efficient close and mid range fighter.
Weaknesses/Fears: Aranis is often lazy, which may reduce his performance in non essential tasks. Oftentimes, a reluctance to bother with speaking may prevent him from sharing ideas. Lastly, his levelheaded nature can be overridden by his enjoyment of fights and the egging of Ifrit. In terms of fears, Aranis has a mild fear of heights and becomes motion sick in air vehicles. Lastly, he is less apt to oppose a Regg’s ideas and orders regardless of affiliation so long as they aren’t actively fighting.

Overall Mental/Emotional Description: Aranis generally gives off the impression that he is lazily observing his surroundings. Possessing a fair degree of intellect and stratagem, many say the gifts are wasted on someone like him. Not one to put in effort the majority of the time, he prefers to go with the flow. Despite lacking motivation, Aranis is acutely aware of the environment around him to such a degree that he meticulously studies others. He solely becomes excited when he has the privilege of partaking in a good fight, yet even then he keeps a bored manner of behavior externally, with a level headed enjoyment internally. However, should a fight continue to escalate to an extreme scale, he may lapse into a near maniacal state of euphoria. The break from his normal demeanor appears when one intrudes upon his laziness, either by waking him from slumber, or by otherwise dragging him to work when he’s occupied by other activities, which generally results in an almost childish type of response, consisting of moaning and griping. When in groups, Aranis usually just goes along with whatever the group is doing, albeit with some measure of complaint in the case that work is required. In terms of anger, causing Aranis to get enraged is quite difficult as he usually just casually disregards irritants. Neither loyal nor treacherous, seeing whether or not Aranis will risk himself for you is really a coin toss decided by the risks, rewards, gratification, value of the friend, and most importantly, the effort entailed. Aranis gets along well with Ifrit, though he occasionally becomes slightly annoyed by her excessive enthusiasm. Similarly, he likes animals though he sometimes finds their energy overwhelming. Fire is of a high level of fascination to Aranis, he is completely unfazed by it, and is often fine with letting it run its course once ignited. As a last note, Aranis has a general dislike for Altamones, though not to such a degree that it blinds his judgement, as well as being slightly intimidated by Reggs, which in extreme cases may even cause him to act in an almost servile manner towards them if they are not fighting.

Additional Race Details:

Gem Location: The Back of the Right Hand
Preferred Weapon Style: Close Combat

Racial Traits:

Back Story Overview

Home City: Western Odrea
Current Residence: Western Odrea

Backstory and History:


Gyun: 50

Corleik Items:
(Only use the above if you are a Corleik)




Level: 1
Experience: 0/20

Might: 25%
Resistance: 15%
Stamina: 20%
Agility: 30%
Perception: 30%


Ability Points Used: 17
Total Ability Points: 17


Name: Paylir
Gender: n/a
Species: Lugrim

Name: Laylir
Gender: Female
Species: Kredus

Name: Vaylir
Gender: Male
Species: Fumaha

Day "Blue" Kragg + Regg + Location: Limrei Town
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PostSubject: Re: Aranis Kōjin   Wed Jan 06, 2016 9:18 pm

Whoot, finally done.

Day "Blue" Kragg + Regg + Location: Limrei Town
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PostSubject: Re: Aranis Kōjin   Sat Jan 09, 2016 9:02 am

Well welcome Back ^^ Character Approved!! Happy Rping ^0^/

Vernos Mallardi
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 Traveling With: Day, Kamala, & Catharsis
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PostSubject: Re: Aranis Kōjin   

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Aranis Kōjin
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