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 Mission Center Explanation

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PostSubject: Mission Center Explanation   Wed Mar 02, 2016 9:47 am

Mission Center Explanation

Welcome to the Mission Center! Now you may be wondering, what exactly can one do in a mission center?

Missions, obviously. But what are missions?

Missions are narrated threads which offer greater rewards than conventional threads, but are also harder to complete and carry greater risks, including an inherent risk of character death in rare cases.

The Role of Narrators:

When taking a mission, all who are taking the mission are subject to the narrator, who controls the npcs and the environments. The objective of the narrator is to provide both guidance and challenges for those attempting to complete missions. In cases where characters are pushing themselves or attempting unreasonable tasks, a narrator should offer up sufficient consequences, though before inflicting harm sufficient warning should be given (basically what this part means is that if someone is attempting something which they lack the capacity to perform, the narrator is responsible for enforcing results, to prevent godmodding). A narrator does not aim to cause failure of the mission, but they also intend to make success appropriately difficult for the mission’s difficulty.

A narrator is either a moderator or above, or someone given permission by admin to narrate a specific mission. For moderators and admins, they choose missions they want to narrate from those that characters want to take. Alternatively, one who is not a moderator or admin may ask an admin for permission to narrate a specific mission. However, all individuals are entitled to a narrator for a mission, so if no narrator one takes the mission, a narrator will be assigned to it. As a last note, a narrator’s characters cannot be in a thread which they are narrating.

Mission Rewards:

Every mission has rewards that are obtained for completion, in addition to the normal thread rewards. These rewards are outlined in the description of the mission itself, however the rewards are not guaranteed. When the thread is graded, the grader will give mission rewards to the characters based on how well they completed the mission. For instance, if they completely failed to complete the mission objective, only normal thread rewards will be received. On the other hand, if they only completed one mission objective, rewards will be reduced accordingly. In some cases, the thread grader may consult the narrator to ensure appropriate awards are given.

Narrators receive 1.5 times the normal thread award, which they can then give to either of their characters. They do not receive any portion of the mission reward, and their rewards are not affected by the results of the mission.

Taking Missions:

Within the mission center, there are regions where one can sign up for different missions. Simply read through the list of missions, and comment which mission you’d like to take. Others who would like to take the mission with you if you aren’t doing it solo can comment as well for the same mission. When there are comments for the mission, a mod will post indicating who is taking the mission, who is narrating the mission, and providing a link to the mission thread. At this point, no new people can take that mission. A given mission is removed after it is taken.

Missions are divided into different threads in accordance with the nature of the mission. Some missions may have requirements in order to take them. Missions also have recommended levels, which it is recommended one observes. For groups taking a mission, this refers to the average level.

As a final rule any given character can only be in one mission at a time.

Upgraded Missions:

Now, let’s say a level 80 character takes a level 5 mission, and decides to introduce themselves by demolishing the town. Or, let’s say in the course of collecting scrap for a mission, a character decides to begin a murderous rampage. Occurrences such as these can serve as catalysts for a phenomenon called mission upgrades. Mission Upgrades occur whenever events cause the difficulty or level of a mission to exceed those which were initially expected. At this point, the narrator will indicate that the recommended level for the mission has been changed, and identify the new recommended level. When this occurs, the risks inherent in the mission will increase accordingly. In some cases, a narrator will provide a character the option to upgrade the mission, in order to have the potential for greater rewards.

The Mission Template:

Shown below is the template of missions. This template will be placed in the forums for signing up for missions, as well as at the top of each mission thread.

Mission Name: What is the Mission Called?
Recommended Level: What level is best suited for this mission?

Location: Where does this mission take place?
Description: What exactly does this mission entail?

Requirements: Are there any prerequisites to be able to take this mission?
Rewards: What rewards will successful mission completion provide?
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Mission Center Explanation
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